It’s easy to see what happens when we don’t charge our technology. It stops working. But we sometimes forget that our hearts need to be recharged as well. The Bible teaches us that life flows from our hearts. So if we’re exhausted and fatigued, our lives will be show it. But if we’re filled with God’s life-giving Word, our lives will display this. Try the 60-day recharge challenge (they say it takes 60 days to build a habit) and see how this devotional experience changes you!

But First…

  • Choose a Bible Plan - Choose a Bible plan that you commit to following.

  • Get a Journal - Find a journal that you can write in. This can be digital or physical. Whatever works best for you.

  • Tap Some Friends - Find some friends to do this with. There is nothing like community to provide accountability and encouragement.

Get Started


The faster life gets the more important it is for us to pause and reflect. Take time to write down your thoughts on these questions:

  • What is happening in your life? What could God be doing?

  • What is happening inside of your heart? What does this reveal?


Read the passage. If you have some trouble understanding, try using this free commentary by David Guzik. Then, write down what the passage is saying and how it relates to you today.


Write down how you will respond to the passage. The Bible is powerful because it teaches us what to believe and how to live. Think through a specific way you can live out your convictions from the passage. Then share this response with your friends who are going through this experience with you. It will bless them and you!


Send us feedback. We’d love to hear how this experience was for you so that we can continue improving upon it.

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