Los Angeles

Los Angeles County, home to 10 million residents, is the culture capital of the world. It produces more films, music, fashion, research, and economic activity than any other major city. With such a global influence, Los Angeles is the most important city in the spiritual battle for souls. If a city like this were to see a mass spiritual awakening, its effects would be global. The only problem is that the church is losing its vitality.

Church Decline

Most major Christian denominations have ceased growing. 4 out of 5 churches in America are either plateauing or in decline. If church growth occurs at the same rate, the population attending a Christian church will decline from 20.4% in 1990 to 14.7% in 2020. While all other major world religions are growing, Christianity is declining. Los Angeles needs a spiritual awakening to take hold of the city.

Our Hope

There is still hope for the church. What if believers of all backgrounds, experiences, and ages came together as one body? What if Christians joined as one to pray for Los Angeles? What if Jesus followers united in their pursuit to spread the gospel message? If this were to happen, our city could experience a revival greater than anything we have ever seen before. Join us as we seek to further God's kingdom and lift high the name of Jesus in Los Angeles.