Recharge >> Daily 

The heart matters. While man looks at appearance, God looks at the heart. That’s why in the Bible, the heart is mentioned over 800 times. It’s our heart that God cares about. It’s also our heart that determines the outward lives that we live. Recharge is a daily experience of deepening one’s relationship with God starting at the heart level. It starts with the belief that our spiritual lives need to be recharged on a daily basis.

Reignite >> Monthly 

Passion keeps us going. Starting is easy. Finishing is hard. Yet God calls His people to persevere until the very end. Reignite is a monthly prayer gathering of believers from around Los Angeles. It creates a space for believers who are hungry for God to speak into their lives and revive a passion in their souls.

Vision Conference >> Yearly  

Vision guides us. When we steer off course, vision reminds us where to go. Yet, we can so easily lose sight of the vision God has given to us and become consumed in the things that don’t even matter. Vision conference is an annual event that reminds believers of God’s vision for their lives. It is a catalytic event that shows believers that God’s calling over them is so much greater than they could ever imagine.